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Come see a Board Certified audiologist in Honolulu, HI to improve your hearing

Take care of your hearing
Looking for an experienced, Board Certified audiologist? The practice of Dr. June Uyehara-Isono, based in Honolulu, HI, can help. We've been in practice since 1979 and have invaluable on-the-job experience treating thousands of patients from our four office locations. Dr. Isono is supported by a friendly and Board Certified team, including an additional audiologist, insurance claims specialists, and office staff.

Dr. June Uyehara-Isono

Dr. Isono has been in private practice since 1979 and has served thousands of patients throughout the years. She holds a Masters Degree from Purdue University and a Doctorate from Central Michigan University.
hearing test in Honolulu, HI
She has been instrumental in continuing to service and evaluate patients for cochlear implantation and is one of the first audiologists to work with cochlear implants since the 1980’s.
Pediatric audiology is one of Dr. Isono's specialties, and she has been involved in the ongoing habilitation of many infants who fail the newborn hearing screening program.
Dr. Isono also services three satellite clinics in the State of Hawaii, including Hilo and Kona on the Big Island and Lihue, Kauai. These clinics are visited weekly for Hilo, every three weeks for Kona, and once monthly for Kauai.

Expert surgeons

Quarterly, Dr. William Slattery III visits from the House Otologic Group in Los Angeles California to implant our cochlear implant candidates. He is a specialist in the area of otology (ear surgery and disease) and is highly regarded nationally and internationally. We are grateful to work with him and offer his services to our patients. We also have a local surgeon, Dr. Kevin Hadley, who is also now doing our implantable devices.
Dr. June Uyehara-Isono is the only audiologist in Hawaii recognized to evaluate and fit the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid, called the BAHA. Dr. Slattery and Dr. Hadley all perform the surgery, while Dr. Isono follows and fits these patients.

Expert audiologist and support staff

We have a friendly, professional team at the Dr. June Uyehara-Isono Honolulu Clinic, located at the St. Francis Medical Center in the Professional Building.
Sherrie Ikenaga has been working with billing and insurance claims for nearly 20 years and takes care of all the pediatric claimis. Roxanne Pollick is our newest employee for billing and is reponsible for all the adult services. We are fortunate that they keep on top of all the changes in insurance claims!
In addition, Charlene Kaapana handles all the Hilo, Kona, and Kauai patients and scheduling, in addition to our cochlear implant patients.
Mabel Ho is our Honolulu receptionist and keeps our Honolulu office in order.
Our newest addition, Dr. Ann Narimasu-Phomenone AuD CCC-A, is an expert audiologist and now covers for Dr. Isono once a week, and specializes in cochlear implants.
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